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Eurodata TV vous informe - Novembre 2009

Eurodata TV Newsletter - Novembre 2009


[ Editorial ]

» Past, Present and Future!

[ Interview ]

Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

» MMS - Pontus Bergdahl, CEO
“(…) we are focusing on our two main projects for the moment: the smooth introduction of measurement of time shifted viewing, and the consolidated WebTV measurements. (...) Our partnership with Mediametrie and Eurodata TV Worldwide (...) provides additional revenues which help finance MMS' metering system, and it offers insights and contacts into the world of TV". Read more...

» ARTE - Philippe Chazal, Counsellor to ARTE President
“Eurodata TV Worldwide is especially important to the consideration that Arte is currently giving to the rejuvenation of talent, notably in relation to cultural broadcasting, in order to make it more accessible to a wider audience, in particular younger people.”

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Brand New!

» JUST RELEASED - Kids TV report

» JUST RELEASED - Yearly Sport Key Facts 2009

» JUST RELEASED - NOTA International TV Trends Season 2009/2010

NOTA: Cool Formats, Hot Ratings

» Booming in TV Content Exports Worldwide
The analysis of TV trends worldwide proves how easily and quickly programs can travel all around the globe. (…)Distributed by Disney-ABC-ESPN, FlashForward has already racked up 100 territories in total. (…)In terms of results the series has ignited ratings in many places (…). Read more...

Sports on TV: Give Sense, Be Efficient!

Eurodata TV Worldwide, editorial partner of the Global Sport Forum 2010
For two and a half days, the Global Sports Forum Barcelona will transform the city into the hub of world sport, gathering together sportsmen and women, industry representatives, the media, and various people for whom sport is a career, to debate the challenges which the sector is facing. Read more...

» On the road to FIFA World Cup 2010 held in South Africa
For Not surprisingly, the latest round of FIFA World Cup 2010 qualifiers attracted a very large audience in numerous countries and especially in the eight European countries that will have to go through the play-offs (see graph below). These matches will be played in November, just before the FIFA World Cup final draw which will take place on December 4th 2009. Read more...

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