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Eurodata TV vous informe - mars 2014

Eurodata TV vous informe - mars 2014


[ March 2014 ]

[ Editorial ]

» Sport Energises Audiences in 2014

[ Interviews ]

Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

» Sportel - Amparo Di Fede - Director - Monaco
"I can tell you first hand that I know members of our community that depend on the information that Eurodata TV Worldwide provide them” Read more...

» The Media Faculty - Jérôme Chouraqui - Director - France
"Throughout the decades British television has shown itself to be a star at taking on risks, innovating, and uncovering new talents” Read more...


Yearly Sport Key Facts
» The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and the Six Nations Championship heat up the ratings
February saw two long-expected sport events that might be very different, but that share the common capability of gathering a high number of people in front of their television: the Six Nations Championship and the 2014 Winter Olympics... Read more...

NOTA: Hot Formats, Cool Ratings
» New! Focus on… Venezuela
We are proud to announce that NOTA, Eurodata TV Worldwide’s online monitoring service tracking new programs and trends, is now covering a new territory in Latin America: Venezuela... Read more...

One TV Year in the World
THE BIG 2-O: Celebrate 20 years of television history!
Jacques Braun and Eurodata TV Worldwide are happy to announce that the “One Television Year in the World” report will celebrate its 20th birthday in March 2014. Be the first to receive a complete overview over more than 100 territories and 5500 measured channels… Read more...

The Entertainment Report
» Who wants to be an Entertainer ?
There is always room for entertainment programs on television to bring a smile to people’s faces and bring households together. 2013 was no exception and proved once again a strong year, with worldwide formats and events performing better than ever... Read more...

The Kids TV Report
What were the latest hits for kids in the US?
The second half of 2013 saw several new programs make their mark among the top ranking children’s shows in the US…

Meet the Eurodata TV Worldwide Team
The team at Eurodata TV Worldwide is continually travelling around the world to meet our clients and partners, as well as bringing our unique insight to conferences, seminars and festivals across five continents..
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