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Eurodata TV Newsletter - Janvier 2012



[ January 2012 ]

[ Editorial ]

» Happy New Year

[ Interviews ]

Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

» Kazachok - Associate Director - Nathalie Chouraqui - France
All our clients and readers are on the lookout for figures and information about the latest trends to help them optimise their business. Eurodata TV provides us with ratings and points of view about different international markets ... Read more...

» TNS Gallup - Associate Director - Frank Klausen - Denmark
Eurodata TV Worldwide is an important partner for TNS Gallup in getting the audience data to a broader set of international clients. TNS Gallup are looking forward to continue this beneficial partnership for the years to come... Read more...


Best of 2011
» The Eurodata TV Worldwide team give their 2011 TV highlights
We asked around the office to find out which our team thought were the most significant shows and television moments that had marked 2011 for them and in return we received a whole variety of responses...Read more...

NOTA: Cool Formats, Hot ratings
»What TV Trends Stood Out Over the Past Fall Season?
There is now not long to wait until the publication of our complete ratings based analysis of the international Fall season, The Big Deal report... Read more...

Scripted Series Report
»The Rise of Adaptations Worldwide
If the USA still doesn't broadcast foreign series, it seems that they are finding more and more of their inspiration worldwide.... Read more...

Sports on TV
» Yearly Sport Key Facts: Motorsports Drive Up Audiences
The 2011 Formula 1 season concluded on November 27th with the victory of Sebastian Vettel for the second consecutive year ... Read more...

Feature Films on TV
»Cinema Celebrates the Festive Season on TV
This month sees the very first publication of Feature Films on TV 2011, a study which shows how feature films drive TV consumption in fast changing markets... Read more...

Kids TV Report: A big look through little eyes
» Christmas Crackers
Once again this Christmas season both generalist and thematic broadcasters were rolling out the big guns in an attempt to lure children and their parents in front of their TVs ... Read more...

One TV Year in the World
»Happy One TV Year in the World 2012
The unique One Television Year in The World report is the response to all your international research wishes and the best way to guarantee a stress-free 2012!
...

New Season Insight reports
»Discover our range of thematic reports
Eurodata TV Worldwide have an ever expanding portfolio of insight reports covering many different areas of programming. Intended to guide you through the shape of the international market.... Read more...

Meet the Eurodata TV Worldwide Team
» The team at Eurodata TV Worldwide is continually travelling around the world to meet our clients and partners, as well as bringing our unique insight to conferences, seminars and festivals across five continents... Read more...