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Eurodata TV vous informe - Février 2010

Eurodata TV Newsletter - Février 2010


[ Editorial ]

» Happy Sport Year!

[ Interview ]

Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

» Havas Sports & Entertainment – Lucien Boyer – CEO Havas Sport & Entertainment and General Commissioner of the Global Sports Forum Barcelona
“In February 2009, Havas Sports & Entertainment organized the first edition of the Global Sports Forum Barcelona (…) Eurodata TV will deliver key TV viewing figures from all over the world to fuel debate and provide solid research background to exchanges.” Read more...

[ What's new? ]

Breaking News!

» 1st Asian Sports Audience Awards – The Nominees are…
Sportel Asia and Eurodata TV Worldwide have joined forces in order to reward the sports events who deliver the highest ratings in the Asia-Pacific area. Read more...

Coming Soon!

» One Television Year in the World - 2010 TV consumption: evolution, success and emotion!!!
The first figures to be released from the “One Television Year in The World” report clearly show that international TV consumption hasn’t been touched by the crisis. Read more...

Sports on TV: Give Sense, Be Efficient!

» Eurodata TV Worldwide partner of next major Sport Industry Events
Eurodata TV Worldwide is the editorial partner of the upcoming Global Sports Forum organized by Havas Sport & Entertainment to be held in Barcelona on March 8th. At the same time the Sportel Asia will be held in Singapore where Eurodata TV Worldwide and Sportel will release the first Award for Asian Sport Audience. Read more...

Markets & trends

» Access Croatia Programme Ratings in MyEurodataTV
In this continually competitive market, what will be the programming strategies of the established channels? Read more...

NOTA: Cool Formats, Hot Ratings

» What are the fresh new web-only contents?
These past months saw the arrival on the Internet of several web-only formats, some high-quality contents which no longer have any reason to envy TV productions. Read more...

Kids TV: A big eye on little viewers

» Beyond cartoons: the rise of non-fiction for kids
Fiction, and especially animation, has long been considered the mainstay of Kids’ TV. Magazines, comedy, game shows and cookery formats have long been popular with adults, why shouldn’t kids get their own special versions? Read more...

Eurodata TV Worldwide International Network

» New Channels Available through Eurodata TV Worldwide
In order to continuously increase the satisfaction of our customers, Eurodata TV Worldwide keeps on improving the quality of its services... Read more...