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Eurodata TV vous informe - décembre 2013

Eurodata TV vous informe - décembre 2013


[ December 2013 ]

[ Editorial ]

» Looking back on 2013 to prepare 2014

[ Interviews ]

Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

»ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation) – Antoine Aubour – Deputy Marketing Director – France
In 2013 ASO met with success in each of its five sport sectors: cycling, motorsports, public events, golf and sailing. We started the year with the 35th Dakar rally… Read more...

» AGB-CDI Dominicana - Nathalie Romero de Grau - Marketing Manager - Dominican Republic
“It is a great privilege to be among the collaborators of Eurodata TV…. All these years of working together have helped us understand the place of Television in the world and compare it to the local market……Read more...


NOTA: Hot Formats, Cool Ratings
» Fan-based event series
Series have frequently made headlines these past months offering the best of international talents from the film industry, on both sides of the camera...Read more...

Yearly Sport Key Facts
» A year of success and opportunities for a changing market
Sport is an essential factor for achieving audience successes, weather in the case of worldwide or local events. Nevertheless; the transfer of major events from Free to Air to Pay TV channels will mean some competitions can now longer reach the heights of previous years... View more...

» 2014 FIFA World Cup: Already started for European fans
A few months before the world’s most anticipated sport event of 2014, the FIFA World Cup, football madness has already kicked off in Europe... View more...

Cinema Hotspot
Cinema and Digital: Experimenting to Stay Competitive
The digital sphere has allowed piracy to expand and undermine legal offers, while at the same time the appearance of new players and new ways for watching films is putting pressure on the tradition movie life cycle…Read more...

The Kids TV Report
The rise of short kids' format
According to the Kids’ TV Brand Barometer, short-length programmes are becoming more and more popular. Recently, such shows have been linked to second screens, featuring as applications… Read more...

TV Measurement News
TV viewing on PC and Mac now included in the Danish Audience Measurement
The major TV stations in Denmark who stand collectively behind the Danish TV audience measurements have decided to include TV viewing on computers in the official ratings Read more...

» New channels available through Eurodata TV Worldwide software
Discover the new channels now available directly through our software... View more...

Meet the Eurodata TV Worldwide Team
The team at Eurodata TV Worldwide is continually travelling around the world to meet our clients and partners, as well as bringing our unique insight to conferences, seminars and festivals across five continents..
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