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Eurodata TV vous informe - Décembre 2010

Eurodata TV Newsletter - Décembre 2010


[ Editorial ]

» 2011: Back to the TV Future

[ Interview ]

Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

» Endemol France – Virginie Calmels – CEO – France
"We consult the ratings on a regular basis to keep informed on the launches of programs in different countries, kick offs as well as regular shows, and we use that data to evaluate our interest..." Read more... 

» TNS Telegal – Eitan Kassif – Group Managing Director - Israel
"Eurodata TV Worldwide is an effective bridge between the viewing data of international formats/channels in Israel and content suppliers around the world..." Read more... 

[ What's new? ]

Brand New!

» Grand Prix Export: The Winners
The winners of the 2010 Export Awards were announced on December 6th in Paris by TV France International, the association of French television program exporters… Read more... 

NOTA: 2010 Fall Report

» Reality TV bites back
If the fall season is definitely a period dedicated to series with the return of your favourites as well as brand new material, fall 2010 has also been marked by strong entertainment formats which continue to spread across the globe. 
Read more... 

Sport on TV

» Yearly Sport Key Facts: Out Now!
Competitions over the past 12 months reached new heights, starting with the Vancouver Winter Games, the Formula 1 season which has made broadcasters’ heads spin ever since the first GP in Bahrain, the ever-dominant Super Bowl in the USA and last but far from least the 2010 FIFA World Cup. 
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» Motorsports in 2010: The continuing success story
The 2010 Formula 1 season concluded on November 14th with the victory of Sebastian Vettel, the youngest champion of all time. An opportunity to take a look back at the audience performances generated by the Grand Prix over the whole season... Read more... 

Kids TV Report: A big through little eyes

» Christmas crackers
Christmas is coming, and it certainly wouldn’t be complete without some festive TV for kids (and the young at heart!)! Read more... 

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» New channels available through Eurodata TV Worldwide